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Tragically, many injuries sustained in businesses, cruises, tourist attractions and other businesses are not caused by unruly employees but other dangerous and reckless patrons at the establishment. Those who were injured, or those that have lost a loved one as a result of inadequate security often feel their injuries or losses could have been prevented. Many victims feel that inadequate security was the root cause behind injuries sustained as a result of trespassers and other patrons committing assaults, batteries or even the rapes of innocent victims in apartment complexes, parking lots or other locations. If you or a loved one has recently been the victim of such an event, you need to contact a Miami inadequate security lawyer.

Laws require business and property owners to maintain a minimum degree of safety to those upon their premises. In many cases, this can mean a requirement upon the precautions and security present at any apartment complex or business. In many cases, these injuries can translate into steep medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, grief and in some cases permanent injury or disability. You have the right to seek just and adequate compensation for your pain and suffering. Your dedicated Miami inadequate security lawyer can get you the funds and resources you need and deserve to have true peace of mind.

The Miami and Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Robert Dixon work with you to ensure all of your questions are answered and will fight aggressively for your rights. With the help of accident reconstruction specialists and the expert opinions of medical professionals, we will prove that the cause of your injury can be traced to inadequate security upon the premises. Your medical bills, lost income and future loss of earning capacity will be compensated to you in a timely manner. We will work to give you honest expectations as to the value of your case, and let you know at what point in time you can expect to see results. The Law Offices of Robert Dixon offers FREE initial consultations. As your Miami inadequate security lawyer, we’ll help you find the answer that works for you. Call us today.